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Direct Debit services for not for profit, commercial and local authority

Bacs approved bureau with over 20 years’ experience in managing Direct Debits

Efficient, accurate and trusted Direct Debit payment processing


Faster payments

By optimising the payment process, we help hundreds of charities and businesses receive their regular payments, donations, lottery payments and subscriptions – quickly and accurately.


Saving you time

With our Direct Debit Managed Service we make Bacs submissions for you, ensuring your payments are credited to your bank account straight away, freeing up in-house resource and removing your admin burden.


Reducing risk

There’s no additional software, hardware or training costs, however much your business grows - and because we manage the processing from start to finish, there's less risk to your collections.

Boosting your income

We know that you need to receive your regular payments quickly, efficiently and without delay, so we're continually optimising the Direct Debit collection process by:

✔ Speeding up the process of first Direct Debit collection
✔ Processing on any day
✔ Immediate bank validation checks
✔ Re-presenting unpaid Direct Debits

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Reducing Direct Debit cancellations

We're always looking for new ways to lower your attrition rates, and our regular research reports give the latest insight and advice on how you can reduce cancellations. We also actively focus on:

✔ Proactive Bacs error handling
✔ Data integrity checks
✔ Speedy collection of first Direct Debit
✔ Monitoring and reporting on cancellation or unpaid reason codes

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Continuity of service

Making sure your payments data is safeguarded and secure is vital. Our 20 years' experience and our investment in infrastructure and technology, gives you total peace of mind that your payments are in safe hands.

✔ Secure databases and multiple UK servers
✔ Bacs approved bureau with highest inspection rating
✔ A Bacs affiliate working with Bacs on changes to the Direct Debit scheme
✔ Accredited in ISO27001 Information Security, ISO9001 Quality Management and ISO22301 Business Continuity.

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You’re always in control

It's your data and your money, so understanding your payers and keeping them engaged with your brand is a key component in preserving and growing your income stream.

✔ Your organisation name appears on the bank statement, so payers know where their money has gone.
✔ Free access to our online Direct Debit portal to view and update payer details and activity.
✔ All funds are deposited straight into your bank account, not via a third party.


Integration with your database

Improve your efficiency and streamline your processes by integrating your Direct Debit payments with your CRM:

✔ Customised and bespoke reports and exports for easy reconciliation
✔ API for a two-way data flow
✔ Full database integrations

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Supporting you all the way

We have a passion for payments and our 20 years' experience in Direct Debit processing means we can help you make the most from your regular payments.

✔ Every client receives a dedicated Account Manager
✔ We work with you and your bank on approvals or submission queries
✔ Setting up Advanced Notice Letters, Cancellation emails and other Trigger Communications
✔ Whether moving from inhouse processing or from another bureau, we can help you from start to finish.
✔ Liaising directly with other agencies to speed up collections and removing any extra admin work.


"I have been delighted with the outstanding account management and regular support Rapidata has given me and the team.  Every request for advice and support has been met swiftly and has allowed important business decisions to be made quickly and easily."

Princess Alice Hospice

Benefits of Direct Debit payments

  • Reliable income

    You set the date of the collection so you know when cleared funds will be deposited into your account. These regular payments mean you can forecast and manage cash flow more accurately.

  • Reduces attrition

    Direct Debits are easy and convenient for your payers, reducing the risk of them moving to another organisation or expiring card details.

  • Saves time

    You won’t spend time reconciling payments or chasing late payers, so your admin burden and workload is reduced.

  • Safe and secure

    Transactions are processed according to the highest security specifications, and online services provide additional security and accuracy for you and your payers.

  • Cost effective

    Direct Debits are cheaper to process than cheques or other payment methods.

  • Flexible

    Direct Debit enables you to collect variable amounts on regular or irregular dates.

  • Greater efficiency

    You control the payment dates, amounts and frequency of payments. Any changes are controlled by you so you won’t be held up waiting for your payer to contact their bank.

  • Trusted

    Direct Debit is the United Kingdom’s preferred method for making regular payments, with almost 9 out of 10 adults having at least 1 Direct Debit commitment.

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